Zel Custom: Your AR-15 Needs .50 Cal Love

by gspecadmin on January 31, 2012

Why does life need to be complicated? If we want to accessorize an AR-15 with a bolt action .50 caliber conversion upper, so be it. That’s how we role.

Zel Custom understands your pain. To cope with depression, Zel will remedy your ills by letting you convert your AR-15 in to a .50 caliber under 5 minutes. If .50 cal is overkill (we think it’s a good start) then Zel also offers adaptable uppers in .338 Lapua, .416 Barrett, and a limited run of .408 CheyTac.

The Zel Custom Tactilite Series of uppers can be shipped directly to you without an FFL. You just purchase the upper kit in the caliber you want and install. If you only have one AR-15, then each time you decide to use your Tactilite you’ll have to swap a few parts out. However the process is fairly quick if you know what you’re doing.

If you have an extra lower lying around, then it’s party time. 

With your Tactilite upper in hand, you can customize a dedicated lower for the task. Included with your purchase are the Tactilite hammer, spring, and pins required to replace your existing trigger assembly. You won’t need a bolt assembly, buffer retainer, buffer retainer spring, buffer, or buffer spring. All of these are replaced by the upper.

Zel’s Tactilite T2 series sports a side mounted, 5-round magazine option offered in .50 BMG and .416 Barrett. All of the uppers offer optional barrel types: Ultralite, Duty, and SuperMatch. 

Zel Custom www.tactilite.com



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