XRayGuns.com: See Guns in a Different Light

by gspecadmin on November 27, 2012

What happens when you put CAT scan technicians in a room with guns? They scan’em! XRayGuns.com offers a gallery of scanned firearms that you can purchase in the form of t-shirts or 10×20 portraits. Be decorative and add an MP5 to your living room (your wife will love it). If you really want to express yourself, wear an x-ray image of an H&K PSG-1 on your chest. The gents at XRayGuns have spent considerable time perfecting gun CAT scans with clarity. Perhaps in the future you’ll be able to send your rifle in for a family photo? We’ll see …

Serbu Super Shorty


HK53 .223


Barrett M8A21


Additional scans available at www.xrayguns.com

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