The Szecsei Double Bolt Rifle: The World’s Only Double Bolt Rifle Designed for Hunters of Dangerous Game

by gspecadmin on March 5, 2012

In 1997, Hungarian Inventor Joseph Szecsei traveled to Africa in order to test the prototype of his first model double barrel repeater rifle, the Szecsei Double Bolt. The idea is simple, to provide the first double barreled bolt action rifle. Each time you pull back the rifle’s single bolt, two spent shells exit the chamber. Once the bolt is driven forward, the chamber is reloaded with two rounds from its built-in stainless steel clip allowing up to 6 shots (4 in the magazine, 2 in the barrel).

Seasoned gun makers pride themselves in creating single shot big bore rifles that continue to lead the way for big game hunts. Joseph Szecsei saw it a different way. Reliability is one thing, reloading your shot under the duress of a charging lion or elephant is another. Mr. Szecsei addressed the issue with his own unique bolt action design: integrating two firing pins and two seperate triggers within a bolt configuration. The inspiration came during an elephant hunt in Africa. Mr. Szecsei, bringing down a trophy bull with a .458 over/under, was in the process of reloading. This required his attention to be diverted from the surroundings. What he didn’t notice was the second bull charging at his flank. Thankfully, the professional hunter accompanying him had noticed and fired warning shots resulting in enough time to notice the attack and step away from the bull’s line of charge. Mr. Szecsei knew that the outcome could have been quite different.

Later during the development, Mr. Szecsei teamed with Gerhard Fuchs to unveil the first production model in 1999. The rifle was dubbed by the International press, “A Star is Born”. It is said that the owner of the first Szecsei Rifle owner is Baron de Rothschild who became such a great admirer of the Szecsei Double Bolt that he immediately took over the wholesale distribution of the Szecsei Rifles in Switzerland.

1995 Edition of GunDigest technical overview of the Szecsei Repeating Double Rifle

Fuchs Fine Guns of Europe Animated Diagram

Original 1995 patent for the “Double Barrel Bolt Action Repeating Rifle”

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