RDZ Case Trimmer: Use Your Drill Press for Case Trimming

by gspecadmin on March 12, 2013

The RDZ Case Trimmer is a welcomed step up from the process of manual case trimming. Assuming you have  a standard drill press, simply attach the RDZ mounting unit to the bed of your press securely using 2 bolts. The cutter head and arbor are assembled together and inserted in the drill chuck.  Line up your unit with the drill chuck and insert the correct universal shell holder into the RDZ mount.

Once you have it assembled, you’ll need to run a few test adjustments and determine where to set the stop on your drill press. Using the slowest speed, press down into the shell casing to touch the casing. Remove the casing and measure it. Make the appropriate adjustments until you have the correct height in order to set your stop. It may take a few rounds, but once you have the right height you’re now ready to automate the task of trimming cases at a faster production rate then your typical manual trimming process.

The RDZ unit is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum while all internal components are made of 316 stainless steel. It works with universal shell holders and requires a 3/8″ drill press or greater. Each unit includes a set of 9 most commonly used pilots ranging from .22 to .45, a cutter head, and an arbor which holds the cutter head together within your drill press.

According to a product test done by Handloader, a .223 Remington case took about 3 seconds. Inspecting and removing each case takes about another 10 seconds. A February 2012 Gun Digest review found that “Once complete I turned to the drill press/trim jib setup and went through 50 cases very quickly, much fast than if I had been using my old hand-turned trimmer”.

Overall, chamfering and deburring are still done separately. However when working in conjunction with the RDZ Case Trimmer, one can drastically reduce the time and monotony involved when trimming brass.

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