M14/M1A Scope Mounts: What’s Out There?

by gspecadmin on October 23, 2012

Searching for a good M1A scope mount? There are quite a few if you look hard enough. In fact, we discovered a few new ones that strike our curiosity here at GunSpec. Scope mounts for an M14 can carry steep prices, but in the end you do indeed get what you pay for. Mount stability, weight, use of iron sights, quick detach abilities, and consistency of zero are all factors that are important but also justify paying the right price. It’s good to see such an iconic and proven rifle maintain its own “micro-economy” for the American manufacturer. We put together a quick list representing various price points and features for your reference:

Sadlak Industries

Sadlak scope mounts utilize a 3-point design allowing for removal without losing zero.  Mounts are offered in aluminum, titanium, and steel. Sadlak mounts have a U-shaped channel underneath the rail that allows use of iron sights while scope and rings are attached. Their “Airborne” model is a reduced weight steel version with black parkerized finish; pictured directly below:

Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Scope Mount, Aluminum with Tungsten Coating (below):

Bassett Machine

Also designed to maintain zero after reinstall, the Bassett Machine M14/M1A scope mounts offered both weaver compatible mounts or  picatinny based rail mount designs. Their standard mounts utilize only one bolt that can be installed with the included Torque Tool. The single bolt system has been extensively used and tested since the early 80′s by the military, in particular the Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Hood, Texas.

Springfield Armory

Now on their 4th generation of M1A scope mounts, Springfield Armory offers their own scope mount to compliment their popular line of M1A rifles. This mount offers 3 points of contact, use of iron sights, and weighs in at 10.2 ounces. The new design also offers additional enhancements such as a wider cut over the ejection port, allowing for increased reliability.

M1A Scope Mount pictured on a Springfield Custom Shop Rifle (click image to view Shooting Times article):

ProMag Industries

Pro Mag industries offers a high carbon steel, 4-point, tactical see through scope mount that accepts weaver type rings on a picatinny rail.


BSquare mounts attach using a single knob tapped to the side of the receiver. Made of anodized aluminum, these cannot be used with iron sights however do come with a pair of 1″ weaver rings.

AIM Sports

Black anodized aluminum piece that is side mounted to your M14 receiver and weaver compatible.


For the last 32 years, Atlantic Research Marketing Systems (A.R.M.S.) Inc. has been providing mounts, sights, rings, spacers, and rails to both military and civilian markets. Noted for their popular A.R.M.S. #40 flip up sights, their #18 M21/M14 mount offers two attachment points along with a third contact point for added stability. Ultra low profile 1913 rail machined from 8620 case hardened steel.

McCann Industries

Family owned McCann Industries transitioned from a local gun shop to a dedicated manufacturer of mounts, stocks, knives, and accessories by 1996. Their mounts are solid steel and designed for weight and rigidity. McCann mounts are used by some of the finest marksmanship units in the world. Their website also makes a great presentation on the fundamental design considerations for M14 mounts.


GG&G has offered a wide selection of optical mounting systems and tactical accessories the last 16 years. Popular for their quality control in both civilian and military markets GG&G products are field tested and used worldwide. Designed specifically for Springfield Armory’s SOCOM II, the Accucam allows for conventional low mounted scopes utilizing the SOCOM II’s cluster rail. The cantilever design is lightweight, detachable without losing zero, and includes 30mm scope rings.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux

CNC machined heat treated steel provides an ultra low profile while still allowing use of iron sights. This two point mount is designed to channel recoil forces directly through the clip guide slot. Allows for both picatinny and weaver style rings.


M14/M1A CASM Gen II Scope Mount by M14.ca

Canadian manufacturer M14.ca offers a 4 point scope mount with a channel grooved backup sight now available in their second gen models. With the CASM, you can remove your M14 bolt for cleaning without the need for removing the mount. There is no stripper clip guide mount – instead the rear sight is removed and the CASM is mounted to the rear sight pocket and sight ears to ensure stability. Available in aluminum or steel.

Smith Enterprise, Inc.

Offering mounts for both riflescopes and the ACOG, Smith’s experience culminates over 40 years of service to military, civilian, and law enforcement agencies. This 3 point picatinny design is channeled for iron sights and undergoes specialized manufacturing methods to reduce stress. Combat proven design clamps to the charger guide dovetail and receiver mount lug without any modifications necessary.


Low profile 4 point mounted design which allows for the use of iron sights. Uses an adjustable side screw to provide additional stability. One piece aircraft grade aluminum with black matte finish.

Fulton Armory

Fulton Amory has provided M14 rifles, parts, and accessories for 25 years. This 3 point design is machined from the same steel as M14 receivers are produced allowing both the mount and receiver to expand at the same rate as they heat up. As a result, Fulton’s design helps keep your optic zeroed for prolonged fire. Includes channeled rail for iron sights and specially cut above the ejection port to prevent case jams.

This is by no means a complete list. Are we missing a mount? Let us know by commenting below and we’ll put a summary/picture/link together that company.

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