Center Balanced Systems: Ergonomic Rifle Chassis

by gspecadmin on November 30, 2012

Center Balanced Systems designs, sells, and provides customized drop-in platforms for a variety of rifles. Their focus is on ergonomic balance and ease of one handed firing. Each chassis system is centered around the philosophy of re-balancing Mosin Nagant, SKS, AK-47, & Saiga designs to accommodate today’s modern shooter.  The CBS core belief focuses on providing state of the art stock platforms for classic, dependable, & older barrel actions. Additionally, not everyone can afford a modern day battle rifle. Take an old SKS or Mosin from the closet and use a CBS chassis to expand your configuration options with rails, scope mounts, and better overall handling.

Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R CBRPS Aluminum Chassis



Standard AK & Mosin Nagant Conversions


AK Draco

The AK 7.62×39 Draco system pictured above (without forward hand grip) is classified by the BATFE as a pistol based on the Gun Control Act’s definition of a “pistol”. Since it eliminates the forward hand grip, it does not require two handed firing.




Mosin Nagant & SKS


CBS also produces several “Spike” configurations for Saiga 12 shotguns. Below shows an emphasis on over the shoulder field carry, one-handed operation, and mobility. Saiga Spike configurations are available for 19″ and 24″ barrels. For additional cost, you can add a grip system and removable barrel cover to decrease the weight or change rail configurations. Spike promo video at the bottom:


Saiga 12 Shotgun Spike Base for 19" Barrels


Saiga version sold in mill finish for those who wish to DIY.


Saiga w/ Removable Base Cap & Handle




Center Balanced Systems

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